Cancelled - Camping 102 - Camp Hillyard - 5/9/20 Registration
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Cancelled - Camping 102 - Camp Hillyard - 5/9/20
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9501 Hillyard Rd. SE
Easton, MO 64443, US
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In order to take your troop camping in an outdoor camping unit (permatent, tent, etc.) you must complete Camping 102. This course is led by adult volunteer trainers and will cover safety information, knots, outdoor cooking methods, dishwashing, camp clean up and more. ​

At least one adult (more is even better!) in each camping group must complete this course prior to your outdoor camping trip and must be present during the duration of your outdoor campout.

In this hands on training you will:

Review Outdoor Safety Activity Checkpoints and understand how to use them in activity planning for your camping trip.

Understand how to organize, run, and clean-up a cookout with girls using a campfire and/or charcoal.

Encourage and understand that a cook out and camping excursion is a safe place to fail. Fail first, fail frequently and fail often.

Be introduced to the 3 Methods of Girl Scout Cooking: One Pot Meals, Pie Iron Cooking, and Dutch Oven Meals.

Be prepared to take a group camping in an outdoor camping unit, learn what to expect when arriving at a camp unit and how to care for camping equipment.

Understand how to incorporate Leave No Trace best practices in your outdoor experiences.

Participants: Adult Members Only

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$15.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation and Refund Policy: • Cancelled by the Girl Scouts: The total fee is refunded if the event is cancelled by Girl Scout staff due to severe weather, staffing, or equipment issues. (Please note: all events are rain or shine. We only cancel for weather when our staff determines that the activity cannot be conducted safely.) • Cancellation by the group/camper more than 2 weeks out: If the troop or individual cancels more than 2 weeks prior to the event date, the fee will be refunded if a written request is received by at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. • Cancellations by the group/camper less than 2 weeks out: If the troop or individual cancels less than 2 weeks prior to the event date, the fee will not be returned to the group or individual except in case of illness where a written refund request is accompanied by a statement from the attending physician. If you have any questions about your adventure session, please contact us at

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